Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm sooo excited!!!  I just received my order from Lakeside Collection of Stickles!  They have where you can order a pack of 8 bottles of Stickles for $8.95.  You can order the All Occasions pack or the Holiday pack.  The colors are so pretty and I can't wait to start using them! 

In the All Occasion pack you get: Waterfall, Gold, Cotton Candy, Lime Green, Black Diamond, Starry Night, Crystal, and Xmas Red.

In the Holiday pack you get: Xmas Red, Silver, Gold, Icicle, Yellow, Orange Peel, Black Diamond, and Green.

I might have gotten a few of them mixed up, but you get the idea :)  The website for Lakeside Collection is if you want to go look at them.

Hope you all had a great day!


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